Moving Table Projects By Tava Systems

TAVA Systems has completed many automated moving table systems in greenhouses throughout North America. Here are some examples of recently completed projects.

Client – Cosmic Plants

Project: Expansion 2016

Location: Beamsville, Ontario

Crop: Orchids

Work Details:

Cosmic Plants has bought a new facility that they have retrofitted for growing Orchids TAVA Systems is very please to have helped design  and be apart of the project

Client – Foliera

Project: Expansion 2017

Location: Beamsville, Ontario

Crop: Specialty Crops

Work Details:

Foliera is expanding there facility and TAVA Systems was chosen to design, build, and retrofit there existing and new portion of the greenhouses. Once completed it will feature a complete shipping and automated bench cleaning and delivery system. 

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Client – Full Bloom

Project: 2016

Location: Whatley, MA

Crop: Herbs

Work Details:

Full Bloom added to their existing greenhouse adding a work area as well and more growing area. TAVA Systems designed and delivered a new system including robots and table washer as well as an area to harvest and ship there product. 

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Client – Dave Wilson

Project: New project 2016

Location: Hickman, CA

Crop: Tree seedlings

Work Details:

Working with Agra Tech in California TAVA Systems designed and delivered a table system that the customer will grow fruit tree seedlings. 

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Client – Silver Vase

Project: New project 2016

Crop: Orchids

Work Details:

TAVA Systems was chosen to put a table system in there new location in Apopka Florida

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Client – Willy’s Greenhouses

Project: 2016

Location: St Catharines, ON

Crop: Weekly Mums

Work Details:

A long time client of TAVA Systems, together we worked on a design that will be the start to a new expansion with full work area that will serve them well as they continue to expand in the future. . 

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