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TAVA Systems produces quality greenhouse automation products, and provides greenhouse expansion consulting, design and planning services, for growers in Canada and the USA.

Isaac Van Geest | About Tava Greenhouse Automation Systems, Niagara Ontario

North American Design, European Technology

TAVA Systems has been in operation since 2004, making quality greenhouse automation products and providing consulting, design and planning services.

Located in the heart of the beautiful Niagara on the edge of Lake Ontario, we are surrounded by many progressive greenhouse operations forcing us to be leaders in design and innovation.

Being close to the US border and 2 international airports allows us to travel to any customer either in Canada or in the US simply and efficiently.

Isaac Van Geest | Sales & Project Manager

Isaac brings 25 years of experience in greenhouse operations and 10 years experience at TAVA Systems designing and consulting with growers.

What We Do

Improving The Business of Greenhouse Growers & Owners

Often the issue greenhouses operators face is how to move the plants from one location in the operation to another i.e. greenhouse to shipping and how to route it through the greenhouse. Having worked with many operators all over North America we have seen many situations and can bring that knowledge to your operations.

Given our location in the industrial heart land of Canada, this allows us to purchase all types of materials locally. The flow of materials from our suppliers to fabrication to shipping our product is streamlined and efficient. We work with our suppliers to come up with solution for making our products of the heights quality while staying competitive.

How We Do It

With Strategic Worldwide Partners – Codema Systems Group

TAVA Systems works with the leader in Holland, providing plant movement using the latest in automation, technical advice and planning.

Codema group of companies is the leader in Holland and with our North American office we provide that knowledge to our customers locally.

TAVA Systems is the proud North American distributor of Codema Systems Group. Codema has many satisfied customers around the world. TAVA Systems will enhance the Codema presence by supporting the product with a North American office.

TAVA Systems & Codema – Leaders in Automation for Over 40 Years

Codema has been a leader in mechanization and automation in the area of material handling systems for the greenhouse industry for over 40 years. Innovation, expertise and excellent service in these areas make Codema and TAVA a clear choice to partner with on your next system.

We believe the best designs come from customers who are engaged in the process, together with our knowledge and your unique situations we can provide solution in all areas of plant movement.

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