Portable Belt Conveyor

Keep your greenhouse operations running efficiently with our portable belt conveyor solutions.

How Tava Portable Conveyors Improve Greenhouse Operations

The basic premise of our conveyor design is to run the belt across a bed of rollers rather than dragging it across a deck. This provides a low friction surface for the belt to run on which in turn uses less power, can handle more weight with less wear and tear on individual components. 

This also proves to be beneficial when working in a wet environment where the belt, on a traditional design, can stick to the bed making it difficult, if not impossible, to start the conveyor under full load. Supporting the belt with rollers allows us to seal both sides of our conveyor belt material for long life. This is something not found on competing products.

The power transfer from the drive section to the add-on sections is done via drive shaft for efficient transfer of power. (There are no gears that need to be meshed when connecting sections.) The drive shaft and receptacle requires no alignment during set up which make for easy set up and disassembly. Set up and disassembly can be done on the fly while the conveyor drive section is still running.

The TAVA Systems line of conveyors is produced with the highest quality components.

The frames are made of aluminum, the components are made of stainless steel and the roller bed is made of high impact PVC. The power requirement is 110 volt and the max draw is 10 amps. Each control box comes with start, stop, forward, reverse and variable speed and a port for a photo eye.

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TAVA Portable Belting Features

  • Patented spring loaded driveshaft connections.
  • Many ways to hold conveyors in place pictured are stands and monorail cart.
  • Corner guides for pots and trays.
  • Carts for transportation belts and for storage. 

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