Conveyor Projects by TAVA Systems

TAVA Systems has completed many Conveyor systems in greenhouses throughout North America. Here are some examples of recent projects.

Client – CK Greenhouses

Project: 2015, 2016 and 2017

Location: Beamsville, Ontario

Crop: Annuals

Work Details:

The client wanted to move a lot of product fast through the greenhouse during planting season. Two conveyors from 2 separate planting lines are feeding on to a belt that travels 200 feet per minute. In 2016 the client added a second tier to the belt system to separate the planting lines and to fill 2 areas at once in 2017 they continue to add. The client also uses Portable belts to deliver into each bay. 

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Client – Rekker Gardens

Project: 2014

Location: Boumanville, Ontario

Crop: Holliday Crops

Work Details:

With a work Area that was built years ago and the expansion of the greenhouses over the years the majority of the greenhouses are on the opposite side of the Shipping area. In order to not disrupt shipping the client choose to go over head. Now they can use all the racks for shipping and refill the greenhouse with less people while shipping. 

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Client – Willy's Greenhouses

Project: 2016

Location: St. Catherines

Crop: Weekly Mums

Work Details:

The client built more greenhouses and the propagation area was now on the far end of the greenhouses. The client chose to have a belt go through the greenhouse 330' then make a few corners and finally into a greenhouse that has a belt on a lift system. 

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Client – St Davids Hydrophonics

Project: 2015

Location: Niagara on the Lake

Crop: Peppers

Work Details:

The client put in a new boxing machine and to keep the boxes out of the way of shipping the client chose to put the boxing machine on the opposite side of the building and TAVA built a conveyor to go over out of the way to the packing line. When a certain amount of boxes are on the conveyors we send a signal to the boxing machine to make more. 

Client – Whitewater Greenhouses

Project: New project 2017

Crop: Spring

Work Details:

Whitewater Greenhouse situated in Wisconsin is owned by Henry Mast Greenhouses. This was a very complex system with 40 post row belts as well as a perimeter belt encompassing the whole greenhouses. Chris Mast new exactly what he wanted having already worked with our belts in the home location. Chris had a very clear plan he worked out. After manufacturing his team easily installed the system and his Electrician was easily able to install all the electrical needed. 2/3 rds of the system was installed in January and the rest will be installed in December of this year. 

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