Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors are an efficient and cost-effective choice for cutting labour costs and getting product moving along faster in your greenhouse.

How Roller Conveyors Reduce Costs in Your Greenhouse

Roller Conveyors are an inexpensive way to cut labor both in product movement as well as staging product in shipping areas.

Our Basic Roller Conveyor

3000 mm (10') x 400 mm (16”) roller conveyor. Aluminum frame, PVC rollers with dual stainless steel ball bearings. These roller conveyors can easily be hooked together to make long lengths of rollers. Options such as corners (need to specify Right or Left) stands and bump stops are also available. Different roller spacing’s are also available such as 8 rollers per meter for boxing lines, 12 rollers per meter for flats and tray, and 16 rollers per meter for plug flats. Normally in-stock.

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