Ebb & Flood Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

Ebb & Flood Systems help greenhouse growers to improve the health and hygiene of their crops with automatic water re-circulation.

How Ebb & Flood Systems Make a More Efficient Greenhouse

With an ebb and flood system the water is delivered to each table by means of a water inlet. The table bottom has a hole allowing water to flow away but at a rate which is less than the fill so the water level rises.

In time the water level reaches the desired height and flows away to the drainage gutter and into the greenhouse recirculation system.

Ebb & Flood Systems Improve Your Plant Health & Hygiene

TAVA Systems is also involved in planning the whole recirculation system needed to feed your plants properly, while reducing the impact on the environment.

Specifications & Options

Water inlets are available via curtain or straight flow pipe. 

Flow Rates:

  • 30 LPM (liters per Minute)
  • 55 LPM (liters per Minute)
  • 70 LPM (liters per Minute)

Recirculation Systems

Our partner company Zwart Systems offers complete re-circulation package for your Ebb and Flood Moving Table System. 

For complete re-circulation packages, visit Zwart Systems »

Ebb & Flood Systems By TAVA Systems

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