Overhead Cranes

An overhead crane allows stacking and de-stacking of tables in your the work area an often overlooked piece of equipment

How An Overhead Crane Helps to Automate Your Greenhouse

The Overhead Crane also referred to as a hanging stacker/destacker is an important part of optimizing an automated system. Stacking or destacking tables and moving them to different parts of the system can be carried out in 2 or 4 directions.

Save Floor Space & Improve Automation

The overhead crane works to keep the movement of tables flowing from the washer, pot robots, buffer area, dirty and clean table areas etc. Because the crane travels overhead maximum use can be made of valuable floor space.

Available Crane Modules

  • Automatic X,Y Crane
    This allows the crane to move in the back and forth movement as well as lift and place a table.
  • Automatic W,Y,Z Crane
    This allows the table to have all the abilities of the X,Y but can also move in the left and right direction as well. 

Watch Video Of Our Overhead Cranes

» Oriental Group Container System

» KP Holland Container System

Overhead Cranes By TAVA Systems

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