Increase the efficiency of transport between and in the different warehouse departments and working areas in your greenhouse with table vehicles from TAVA Systems.

How Vehicles Can Help Growers Improve Greenhouse Automation

Table vehicles contribute to the optimization of the transport between and in the different warehouse departments and working areas. 

The vehicle independently executes the transport of tables from one rail track to another in both directions.

Through the input of commands and prioritizing of the movements the vehicle will jump into action performing tasks of the utmost importance and when not needed can do the secondary movements.  

Vehicles are cost effective automation when compared to automated transport lines 

Features & Capacities of a Table Vehicle

  • To drive (forward/backward)
  • To couple and decouple a table to a table roller conveyor
  • To bring in and pull out a table
  • To locks a table when it has been put in the vehicle. With certain types of trains this movement is combined with lifting up the table to put the push unit in driving position.
  • To lift and drop the table when it has to be placed on the second layer.

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Greenhouse Table Vehicles By TAVA Systems

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