Greenhouse Operations Automation Solutions & Experience

Growers get improved crops, faster turns and reduced overhead. The TAVA solutions can provide you a design and plan for greenhouse automation unique to your operation.

Greenhouse Expansion By TAVA Means

Improved Growing Operations and Work Flow

Using our products can dramatically increase productivity. By decreasing the amount of steps taken in a day more can get done. 

Reduced Labour and energy

On average Growers save 30% on labour costs with our system and with Table systems crops can move around the greenhouse to different climates when needed quickly and easily. Consider how much energy can be saved by growing in less space in the winter months and being able to move into other zones easily, or consolidating growing area to be able to manage crops easier during the shipping season.

Fast Expansion Of Your Business Without Staffing Headaches

By automating your business, you reduce the time consuming process of hiring staff and managers as well as all of the training and HR overhead that goes along with it. Often when adding automation in your business while expanding extra staff is not required. 

TAVA Services Process

Step 1 - Call Us For An On-The-Spot Consultation

We'll discuss your operation and guide you through understanding the different systems and tools required to take your project to the next level.

Step 2 - Get a Design & Planning Quote

We'll put together a quote that will include design, planning and post plan depending on your needs. This process may include an on-site assessment. 

Step 3 - We Deliver Your Design & Plans

We put together a design and plan based on the initial assessment.

View a Sample Design »

Step 4 - We Consult With The Builder

During the construction of your new system we will consult directly with the builder you have chosen to support them in any questions they might have..

Step 5 - Get Ongoing Implementation Support

Before, during and after installation, we're here to help!

Get an on-the-spot consultation about your operation now.

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