Moving Tables For Greenhouse Automation

Recognized worldwide, TAVA Systems moving table solutions are greenhouse automation systems that take all aspects of your operation into account. We will design and plan your greenhouse expansion project from the ground up, integrating transportation and robotic components as well as other capabilities below.

How Moving Table Systems Work

Almost every phase of plant cultivation requires transport of materials or movement of labor force. The horticulture industry around the world has recognized value TAVA solutions, which integrate transportation and robotic capabilities. This greatly enhances the efforts of the manager and the overall production system performance.

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Custom Designs For Your Greenhouse

We thoroughly understand the needs of the crops and the demands of the grower and hence offer the most suitable and customized moving table solution for each of our clients.

Our solutions use a wide range of components from manual or mechanized processes (mechanization) to flexible automation processes (robotics) or a combination of both to support different types of operations in a typical greenhouse.

We ensure that the right kind of technology and process are selected for each of our client to ensure economic viability for the long run.

TAVA moving table designs are proven to produce:

  • Higher yield
  • Improved crop hygiene
  • Stronger plugs
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced error rate

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TAVA Moving Table System Examples

TAVA Systems has completed many moving table systems through North America. Here are some examples of recently completed projects:

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