Vertical Farming Systems

TAVA Systems offers fully automated indoor growing for vertical farming for your greenhouse expansion project.

Improve Crop Hygiene, Improve Your Yield

The latest development in the field of CEA in the industry is the moving gutter system. In order to supply the food chain in the local market with very high yields per acre with very clean hygiene an automated system is the right choice.  

Get Improved Yield With Applied Experience In Automation Systems

With our long experience in the Moving table systems we are able to transfer that knowledge into a fully automated lettuce system.

Take Control of Your Crop With ISAL

When we incorporate the power of ISAL for logistical control the system becomes very smart with easy touch screen control.

We offer a complete growing system from the young plants area, gutter system, and irrigation system.

TAVA systems with the knowledge and experience of Bosman Van Zaal bring cutting edge growing solutions to the North American market.

Advantages for Vegetable Crops:

  • Higher yield
  • Clean environment
  • Sustainable

Be Ready For The Future

The absolute newest development is bringing this technology to a multi-layer CEA system in order to grow vegetables in a building. Although we are not there yet the opportunities for this in the future is eminence. Think about growing fresh vegetables so close to the market transportation is no longer the issue.

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