Find answers to your greenhouse expansion and automation questions with these TAVA Systems FAQs.

Find answers to your greenhouse expansion and automation questions with these TAVA Systems FAQs.

What greenhouse automation products do I need?

It can really depend on what you want to accomplish and the life cycle of your crop. Conveyors can move items around very efficiently but if you need to work on your crop a lot Moving Tables should be considered. Let us help you figure it out. Give us a call

Do you offer benches, like "Dutch Tray System" or rolling benches?

Yes, we call them Moving Tables. We understand there's a lot of confusing terminology that's thrown around for these products, but we try to keep it simple.

What can I expect if I call?

You can expect an on-the-spot consultation with greenhouse experts who will help you understand the best route to take with your expansion project.

How long does a typical project take?

Once an order is placed a conveyor project will take 8 weeks to manufacture and comes with a install manual. 

A Moving Tables system take 12 weeks to manufacture once and order is placed.

What is the average cost of the systems you supply?

Conveyor Systems generally cost $1.50 - $2.75 per square foot of greenhouse area depending on how integrated it is made.

Moving table systems start at only $5.00 - $7.00 a square foot and for ebb and flood tables $8.00 - $10.00 a square foot based on 1 acre full automated up to $28.00 a square foot

How does a design of a system get started?

For all of our products we need to start with a post plan of the greenhouse and we will produce a simple Auto Cad drawing for your approval before quoting. 

If the drawing does not meet your needs we can continue to make changes till you are satisfied.

What else does TAVA need to know about my operation?

We need to know the size of the crop you are growing and the size of the pots you are growing in, the weight of the crop, how tall the greenhouses are and if it is a new build or existing greenhouses, or indoors and the size and shape of the greenhouses post is critical.

What options are available for Portable conveyors?

We offer many options, for supporting the conveyor we have stands, truss hangers and mono rail hangers. Other options include cornering devises for trays and for pots, cart for transport and storage and photo eyes.

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